Wearable Air Purifier by Air-Ring

Generate a refreshing atmosphere of purified air around your face with the Air-Ring wearable air purifier with airflow treatment. All the while, its powerful technology and unique design keep your face free and unconstrained. That means no more maskne or fogged-up glasses to allow all-day wear. Moreover, Air-Ring uses a multilayered air purification system to filter out harmful viruses and particles using an N95 HEPA filter. Combined with UVC-LED technology and Electrostatic & Activated Carbon filters, this wearable air purifier optimizes airflow and removes odors and allergens from your personal space. Moreover, it offers an 8-hour battery life, or, for additional use, it includes an external power bank. Finally, Air-Ring includes Biometric and CO2 sensors, so you can connect it to mobile apps to streamline its functionality.

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