Top 5 Latest Coffee & Tea Brands In India

When we wake up in the morning the first thing that comes to our mind is Tea/Coffee. Without it, feels like we are missing something. If you feel the same congratulations you’re not alone. 68% of people drink Tea/Coffee daily in the morning. We can’t blame them because yes it is the most favourite drink in the world only second to water.

Today we’ll see the top 5 newly launched coffee & tea brands in India.

1. Chai Point

Chai Point offers 6 different kinds of tea and you can also find perfect snacks that you can enjoy with tea. You can use code: WELCOME150 for a discount of 150Rs. on your first purchase.

2. Sleepy Owl

3. TDT World

4. Happi Sips

5. Country Bean

County Bean is my favourite one. It offers Teas, Coffees and Smoothies which you can make instantly.

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