The Maker by Archer -The future of transportation

The Maker is a high-tech new generation fully electric plane created by Archer which will be the biggest part of the future of transportation. They call it “The Maker by Archer”.

It is as light as a Tesla Car and also 100 times quite than any helicopter. It is fully automated so you don’t need to fly it actually just select the destination and it will take you there. And it is also smart to so don’t need to worry about any dangers between flights. It is made for 2 people at least till now. It can fly up to 60 miles. And if you think it’s so expensive the single trip will take only $40 dollars. Awesome right?

About The Maker

Maker is our full-scale electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, capable of travelling 60 miles at 150 mph. Whether commuting or exploring, Maker will allow you to have transformative travel experiences every day.

Archer aircraft feature redundant batteries and motors to preserve flight in any situation. This redundancy allows them to fly home safely regardless of any unforeseen circumstances.

Redundant Avionics

Maker’s avionics system includes four flight control computers to provide a high level of safety and eliminate any single point of failure. Redundant inertial navigation, GNSS and AGL sensors provide robust and reliable data to the pilot and aircraft for safe and simple operations. There are also redundant communication links between the sensors, flight control computers and actuators.

Lightweight Composite Structure

The Maker airframe is manufactured from lightweight carbon fibre composites using established aerospace manufacturing processes. The low weight structural design is tailored for stiffness and strength to support the required flight and ground loads.

Vertically Integrated Battery

Archer’s Meru battery system delivers the optimal balance of high power and high energy for maximum range. Its advanced thermal management system enables fast charging and extended cycle life. Redundant batteries and high voltage power distribution provide high reliability and high safety.

Redundant Altitude Sensors

The maker has two sensors for measuring the height above ground: a radar altimeter and a laser altimeter. When coupled with the inertial navigation system, air data system, and weight-on-wheels sensors, a high level of redundancy and safety with no single point of failure is achieved for the critical function of identifying when the aircraft transitions from in-air to on-ground.


Battery – 75 kWh

Weight – 1508 kg


EMISSIONS – 100% electric, zero emissions

RANGE – 60 miles

WEIGHT – 1,508 kg

DISPLAY – 13″ passenger touch screen

TOP SPEED – 150 mph


Aircraft built to perform

60 Mile Range – Perfect for urban exploration and the great outdoors and beyond.

150 MPH – Cruise speeds of up to 150 mph thanks to Archer’s highly aerodynamic design.

45 DBA – At only 45 dba, Archer aircraft will be inaudible while flying overhead.


The Maker by Archer is going to launch in 2024 with 300 of them.

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