Teno: A new kind of light with a little magic

Meet Teno, A sound in a light. This is something that I found on the internet and I find it really amazing. Teno is a device that you can open a little and it will reveal light and a sound that will melt your heart truly.

You ask how?

Well, you can literally like this

And it will reveal the smooth, warm, beautiful light and exquisite, rich and powerful sound. The combination makes you feel calm and relaxed and make your day wonderful refreshing your mind with natural melody Teno helps you with your mental health and keeps you refreshed.

How to use it?

Teno has 4 different light settings which you can control by just tapping on it. You can change the sound or control volume by sliding on its sides. It all works with just a touch of your fingers.

Watching this video is recommended

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