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I was checking my Instagram feed I found a video that had some interesting gadgets for lazy/tired people. Yes! Imagine if you don’t wanna get out of bed at night to switch lights off or to shut your curtains or don’t wanna get to make coffee or turn on the TV basically any switch you wanna turn without getting out of your bed.

Well, that’s when Switch-Bot comes into the picture. Switch-Bot is a tool that turns on the switches for you. Any button in your house is just as far as your smartphone. You can switch on any switch with your phone from anywhere in your house. How? Well, of course, it works on WiFi that’s why! And it also works on Bluetooth so you don’t need to worry about the connection lost you can still operate your nearby devices.

How Switch-Bot Works?

As you saw in the video you can use Switch-Bot to attach its strip to the button and attach it to the wall or switch. When you click the switch-on button on your smartphone the switch strip attach to the button will push the button. And when you click switch-off in your phone it will pull the strip turning the button off.

Not only that but you can also use other devices by Switch-Bot like Switch-Bot Curtain to shut down the curtains or open them in the morning. Without really pulling them with just one touch of your smartphone. And Switch-Bot Hub Mini to connect other devices like Alexa, Google or Siri and control the home system appliances. Turn on the AC, TV, Fan, Coffee Machine. Control the devices which are not smart with Switch-Bot to turn on and off. And never be worried about leaving the switches on. There are endless possibilities of how you can you Switch-Bot products.

Smart Home

Let’s see other products

We saw Switch-Bot Bot, Switch-Bot Curtain, Switch-Bot Hub Mini. Now let’s look at other devices,

Switch-Bot New Surveillance Kit includes Switch-Bot Motion Sensor, Switch-Bot Contact Sensor, Switch-Bot Indoor Camera ( Available for US & EU ).

Switch-Bot Motion Sensor captures any motions at 110 degrees horizontally and 55 degrees vertically turn lights and appliances on and off accordingly.

Switch-Bot Contact Sensor can connect or close the windows and doors if left open. And it also works as surveillance when someone opens the window or door it sends the notification or Alexa alerts you when a burglar is entering your home. If a suspicious person enters the house, Alexa will start an alarming voice to scare off the burglar.

Switch-Bot Indoor Camera can keep an eye on everything. Like checking how is your baby doing? SwitchBot Indoor Camera monitors your home 24/7 and alerts you when unexpected conditions take place. Lives stream to your wifi camera anytime and anywhere. With night vision, clear 1080p HD and 130º Wide angle lens. Turn on the “Human-only” option in the Switch-Bot app to reduce false alarms from animals. Get real-time alerts on the phone when Indoor Camera spots suspicious persons, you can take action to threaten the thieves. Alexa also can help to say “Get out from my home!” to scare off the thieves.

Switch-Bot Meter can keep track of your room temperature and notifies you when it’s too hot or too cold. It can stick or be wall-mounted anywhere. Switch-Bot Meter monitors your home environment 24/7.

SwitchBot Solar Panel charges your Switch-Bot Curtain or other Switch-Bot devices.

Switch-Bot Remote is the remote that turns Switch-Bot devices on and off when you’re too tired/lazy to look at your smartphone.

Switch-Bot Humidifier is perfect when your room is too dry, the Switch-Bot detects the dryness in the air and turns on the Switch-Bot Humidifier to create an Ideal environment.

You can use them all together to make your home a perfect smart home. You can buy them separately on Amazon by clicking the names it will redirect you to that product. Or you can buy them in a combo on the official site.

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