LOEVA Le Stand-Up transparent paddleboard lets you see the water beneath you


Have you ever dreamed of seeing the ocean and fish below you? Well, now you can with the LOEVA Le Stand-Up transparent paddleboard. Its see-through design allows you to observe nature in a safe capacity for breathtaking views. Its frame is made of lightweight carbon, and its inset panels use a patented material to offer excellent clarity. And you won’t experience any reflections. Furthermore, this transparent paddleboard glides through the water. Designed with a biomimetic fin, it replicates the movement of a dolphin. Therefore, you can move it into a variety of positions with elegance. Also, it features incredible speed with an upgrade of 1.5 times more speed than before to enhance the journey. Finally, you can use this at night, too. The LED lights illuminate clear waters to improve visibility for optimum views.