Now invest in US Stocks with Groww from India

You can now start investing in US Stocks from India with Groww. Invest in your dream stocks the world’s biggest companies. Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, McDonald’s, Disney, Marvel, Google ( Alphabet A shares ), Funimation ( Sony ) and many more.

About Groww

Groww is a Bangalore, India based online investment platform that allows investors to invest in mutual funds and stocks. Groww is by far the best investing app in India. Groww was launched in 2016 and today its valuation is over $1 Billion. And it is continuing to grow.

Why Groww is so popular?

Groww is very easy to use even a 16-year-old kid can understand everything on Groww. I started investing in this when I became 19 and it was the best experience. I used to invest in a wallet with the option to get 2-3% more than FD but after some time it was disabled. And my funds were transferred to an ICICI Prudential Technology Direct Plan Growth and it has given more than 150% returns till yet. Of course, my investment wasn’t that much so I didn’t get that much money. But imagine if you have invested 100,000 it would have become more than 2 million. That’s enough to show the power of investing. And the secret to investing is simple “The early you invest the more you get”.

0% fees

Groww doesn’t charge you extra fees for mutual funds and gold. And also for the stocks is less than 0.05% or 20 Rs. whichever is less.

What Options are available in Groww?

There are 3 options Mutual Funds, Stocks & Gold.

Mutual Fund

A Mutual fund is a pool of funds invested by many people which is then invested in different stocks so the risk gets low. You can choose to invest in Mutual Funds if you want low risk and don’t want to stress yourself by worrying about which stock is good to invest in. There are many options to choose like from High Return to Low Return and from High Risks to Low Risks. If you ask me ” ICICI Prudential Technology Direct Plan Growth ” will be the best mutual fund with moderate risk and high returns.


Investing in stocks can be pretty hectic but it’s just one click away. You can invest in your favourite stocks easily. The top stocks are Reliance, Infosys, TCS. I would recommend going with Infosys because in the past few months its stock is constantly growing in comparison to the other two.


I haven’t tried this option yet but I think it is associated with Augmont Gold Company which lets you invest in gold for as low as 10 Rs. so when the value of gold rises you value of money also rises.

And Now the best part

US Stocks

I was waiting for these stocks for so long and tried to invest in US Stocks from so many apps. But there were no good options either it was ” not available in the region ” notice or some hectic charges which were more than my investment.

But now finally my dream stocks Google ( Alphabet A shares ), Apple, Microsoft, Funimation ( Sony ) Tesla I’ll be able to invest in them all. If you’re a fan of US Stocks it is starting at 7 PM on 11th August.

So Download the Groww App Now

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