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Give your kid an amazing gift…!!! As a growing kid children should learn the value of money. And how to handle it properly. And to do that parents give their kids pocket money. But how will you know that your kid isn’t spending his/her money on wrong things? But how about if you can track and control what your kid is spending his/her pocket money on?

Now control how your child is spending his/her pocket money with the Junio app. And monitor your kids daily expenditure.

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What is Junio?

Junio is your child’s own smart card for all their online and offline expenses. With the Junio card, your child can learn how to earn, spend and save, while you keep a loving eye over their spending. It is very easy to order, with no full KYC to order for the physical card. You can instantly top up the Junio card, and it is ready for use by your little one.

Who should use it?

Parents whose kid is more than 10 years old and they want their kid to learn about money and how to handle it? So giving kids a small amount of pocket money is good. And with the Junio app, you can track where they spend their pocket money. So you will not have to worry about your kid.

How much pocket money you should give to your kid?

Well it all depends on their age and their needs. A small kid who is 10-13 years might need few hundred rupees as a pocket money. And kid who 13-18 will need 2000-5000 Rupees because teenagers do and learn many things like parties, academics & studies, projects and they learn love, relationships and adulthood, etc. So they also need extra money sometimes for this things.

Note: Sometimes kids spend their money on wrong things like drugs, alcohol and sex.

How to use the Junio app?

Using Junio app is pretty easy. Just register with your mobile number. Enter the your personal, contact & payment details.

Then comes the second step in which you have to add your child’s details Name, Gender, Age & Contact.

Third step download the app in your kids phone and enter all details.

And Ola…!!! You’re done. Now you can monitor all their payments and transactions. Knowing they’re not using their money on useless things.

There are many features in the app which you can use. Let’s see all the features and how to use them?


Junio Smart Card

Parents can buy this card for 345Rs. ( 99Rs. Introductory Offer ) for their children. Parents have to recharge this card. And that amount is their pocket money. And whenever your kid needs extra money you can just recharge it in emergencies.

Offers & Cashback

You can get up to 500Rs. Cashback whenever you pay using Junio Card. You can get up to 200Rs. Cashback when you add money in Junio Card using UPI.

Also you can get 10% Cashback when you use Junio Card in local stores. Here’s a list of Stores in which you can get cashback.

So yeah it’s a pretty good deal.

Tasks for children

I think parents are gonna love this feature because. You can pay your child whenever he do some tasks or chores or maybe read some books or win a competition.

This feature let’s you decide how much money you wanna pay when your kid completes a task. Example, if your kid complete reading one book he/she will get 20Rs. And every time she completes readily a book he/she get 20Rs. Maybe your child will say I’m gonna read forever.😂

Or maybe you wanna pay them for some chores like cleaning a bedroom or shopping for some groceries. You can use it many ways.

Refer and Earn

Well this feature is my favourite. Junio app gives you a referral code. Which you can use to refer Junio app to other people. And for that Junio app gives you a chance to win 1000Rs.

1 in 500 people will win 1000Rs.

1 in 100 people will win 500Rs.

1 in 10 people will win 50Rs.

So the more people you refer more your chances of getting 1000’s of Rs. Daily.

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