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Jacquard is a new generation of technology to make everyday tasks easy and smooth. Its motive is to save your time by keeping you out of distractions and more engaged and connected to the people around you.

Jacquard is we can say a tiny piece of hardware that wear with your everyday things like Clothes, Bags & Shoes to connect with technology with ease using gestures.

Jacquard is collaborating with world-renowned travel, sports, and fashion brands. Creating new functionality, capabilities, and usefulness into your favourite things by connecting them to the digital world. The collaborations are led by a vision to create new services and experiences that are helpful to you and accessible in more intuitive ways. The things you love and use every day are no longer static objects, but companions for navigating your digital life while you stay present for the real one.

How does it work?

The things that you use every day become your companion to interact with the digital world. Without having to give too much attention to the things that can be done with only some gestures.

Here is the video that will show how it looks.

As you saw in a video Jacquard connects to your accessories and clothes which have the built-in technology that you can use for gestures.

Product available with Jacquard

Konnect-i Backpack by Samsonite

A trailblazing collaboration between two leading brands, the Samsonite Konnect-i backpack with Jacquard technology offers a highly innovative, hassle-free travel companion that makes journeying much more seamless and connected than ever before.

Adidas GMR

Play connected

A trailblazing collaboration between two leading Rule both worlds. adidas GMR is an innovation from Adidas, EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile and Jacquard™ by Google, creating a new experience for players by connecting physical football and digital gaming.

Trucker Jacket by Levi’s

Connected, not distracted. Iconic Levi’s® Trucker jacket merges style with innovative Jacquard technology. Answer calls3, play music and take photos right from your sleeve.

Cit-e Backpack by Saint Laurent

The first connected luxury backpack that can control music1, drop pins on the go, take pictures, and do more with a simple gesture.2

Commuter™ Trucker Jacket by Levi’s®

Specifically tailored with the urban cyclist in mind. Get directions1, control your media2, and stay connected while on the go.

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