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As always I was browsing the internet I was looking for the best ways to learn the Japanese language ( I’m a fan of the anime One Piece ) I saw this article which made me think that learning Japanese is so easy. It was an article from IWillTeachYouALanguage.com

Article: Japanese Alphabet: A Beginner’s Guide – StoryLearning (iwillteachyoualanguage.com)

After going through this article which I got to learn new things which are maybe available on other sites too but the way it was presented was so much better and it was very easier to understand the language.

About Website

This website was founded by Olly Richards. Who is a language teacher, author, speaker and language learner! He has published 30+ language books, worked with major universities, and featured in documentaries on the BBC.

This website is named StoryLearning. Mainly because its primary method to teach you a language is through Story Learning. (Learning stories use a storytelling format written about the learner or written to the learner. The narrative style allows the storyteller to capture the learning without the confinement of a list).

This website has courses for 10 major languages. Including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish & Turkish. Each language contains 1 or more courses from beginner to intermediate.

Payment & Fees

The cost for the course is $297 for beginners and $197 for intermediate. The highest amount for the course is $397 for beginners, it comes with 7 days free trial. So you can just try and if find it helpful you can continue with a paid plan.

You can click on the images below to learn about the Japanese language course…

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