hEating pizza warming placemat keeps your slices warm throughout the entire meal

Love pizza? Then you’ll really love the hEating pizza warming placemat, which actually heats and keeps your food warm during the entire meal. So you’ll never have to deal with a cold slice. Moreover, you won’t feel rushed trying to eat the slices you want before they cool down! With an elegant design, the black bamboo stem surface looks great on any table. What’s more, you can easily disconnect the power to use it as a traditional placemat. The included high-performance power unit keeps it working all meal long, and you can adjust the temperature. With a portable design, it can go anywhere to keep your food warm. Additionally, it’s easy to clean if food spills on it. It comes with a metal dish as well, which is perfect for your pie! Finally, the hEating isn’t only for pizza. It’ll keep any food warm!

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