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Listen to awe-inspiring stories from the world’s leading publications. Curio’s expert team create a curated list of hand-picked best stories of the world’s leading publications to bring you the most awe-inspiring stories for your day.

The list of publications includes Financial Times, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Salon, The Washington Post, MIT Technology Review, Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Magazine, Aeon, Scientific American, Foreign Policy, Vox, Vulture, Fast Company, The Cut, 1843, Bloomberg, Inc., Psyche, Nautilus, Narratively, Salon, The Lily, The Business of Fashion, The Point, The Hedgehog Review, Lapham’s Quarterly, The Hustle, Boston Review, JSTOR Daily, The Baffler, The Idler, The Long and Short, The New Inquiry, The Caravan, Monocle, Victory Journal, Logic, The American Scholar, Signal v. Noise, The Criterion, Reading Design, Open Democracy, Digitopoly, Berlin Quarterly, Jeremy Lybarger, At a Distance, How To Academy, Intelligence Squared, KindredCast, and thinkers Nir Eyal, Anne Helen Peterson, Matthew Yglesias, Charlie Warzel.

App includes,

For You feed, which is basically your home feed in which you’ll see your personalized posts or the topics you follow.

Library in which you’ll see four options My Queue, Downloaded, Bookmarked, Recently played.

My Queue for listing your favourite articles to read later.

Downloaded so even if you’re offline you can read your downloaded articles.

Bookmarked so if you leave an article half-reading you can again read it and don’t need to search for it later.

Recently Played so you can start where you left.

Search, so if you can search any interesting topic or post you like.

Browse which consists of 3 sections Publications, Time and Vibe.

Publications, to read articles from your favourite publications.

Time, to read articles based on the time it will take to read them. For example, Snippet ( 0-4 mins), Short (5-9 mins), Medium (10-19 mins), Long (20-120 mins).

Vibe, so you can search for the posts based on mood like Opinionated, Entertaining, Inspiring, Meditative, Remarkable, Analytical.

Playlists, which includes Collections and Topics.

Collections, is the collection of different stories or articles based on the same question or same subtopic which most likely consists of similar answers.

Topics, so you can search through 8 different topics like Business and Industry, Health, Humanities, Life and Arts, People and Society, Politics, Science, Technology.

Why you should try this?

Well, subscriptions for magazine services like Bloomberg, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal can cost from $150 to $250 for an annual subscription. But the provides articles from over 25+ publications for $59.99. So you can browse through different articles from different publications.


Free – $0.00 ( 😁 because that’s what free means ) You can explore only 10 articles with this plan.

Monthly Plan – $7.99/month ( Sounds descent? Or maybe not🤔)

Yearly Plan – $59.99/year almost 35% off ( Yeah!!! That sounds descent 😁 )

Why don’t you check yourself?

Do you know of any other similar services? Comment down below…

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