CRED – Get rewards for paying credit card bills.

Get rewards for paying credit card bills.

Bills can be so annoying especially when it comes to your credit card bill because you pay your whole month’s expenses in a single day. Credit cards are excellent when you know when to use them and how to use them. And if you want to improve your credit score you should always use credit cards for small purchases so you don’t have to a large bill at the beginning of the next month and your credit score improves with a time.

But still there are people who don’t like credit cards just because the reason I mention in a first sentence. But how about if you get rewards to pay the bills. Well there is many payment services which that rewards you for paying your bills. The best Credit Card Rewards service is…


CRED is a payment service that gives you rewards for paying your bills using your credit card. It is an app that connects with your credit card so whenever you pay the bill you’ll get rewarded. They reward you with CRED coins. You can use these to win exclusive rewards or get special access to curated products and experiences. on CRED, good begets good.

Today over 5 Million people are using CRED. And getting rewards worth nearly 5 CRORE.

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CRED reminds you to pay your bills so you never miss a due date and never have to suffer from late fees. Instant settlements mean you never wait for your payments to go through and statement analysis lets you know where your money goes, always. Gain complete control over your credit card with CRED Protect. receive a category-based analysis of your spending, detect hidden charges, and track your credit limit in real-time. You can use your CRED coins to participate in games and raffles to win the most exclusive rewards and cashback on CRED. You get access to the CRED Store, a member-exclusive selection of products and experiences at special prices that compliment your taste.

CRED ensures that all your personal data and transactions are encrypted, and secured so what’s yours remains only yours.

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