Best Free Feedback Tool For Developers – is a new feedback tool for developers and team members to give instant feedback.

Team members worldwide can collaborate and collect feedbacks directly on top of websites, images and PDFs to create great digital products.

Its primary motive is to minimise the disturbance of notifications so the team can focus entirely on the work/project.

Sometimes when you’re talking on a call with your team member they can get confused about what exactly you’re talking about. Also when you’re using on a video call you can get disturbed won’t be able to concentrate entirely on the project. This tool can help you to cut those distractions and save you time for your precious things.

About Company & Story is a firm that focuses on visual commenting that empowers individuals and teams to give real-time, collaborative feedback on live websites and digital content. was built by frustrated designers and engineers. When they got frustrated by the constant disturbance of social media, ads or other emails & calls. And trying to focus on one project became difficult. Which was already frustrating because of the number of projects and the time they had in hand. So to minimise the disturbance by focusing on only projects saves you a lot of time.

Who should use it?

Developers and Designers always need feedback from their clients and team members. And this tool can help you with it and save you a lot of time.

Also, team members who are preparing for presentations can use this tool to get real-time feedback with accuracy so you can show your members exactly which problem you’re talking about.


Real-Time Feedback

Visual Feedback/Comments ( Images, PDFs & Live Websites )

Team Collaboration

Turn any website or image into a collaboration workspace

Add comments anywhere on your website

Share with your team to collect and manage their feedback, all in one place

The best thing is It’s Free…!!!

How to use it?

Download the Chrome Extension.

Register an account.

Invite your team.

Visit the website you want to give feedback. Click on the extension.

Click on create Markup and it will open with the website on the right which you want to give feedback or comment on.

You can click anywhere on a website and write a comment which then your team members can see and reply to. You can see those comments on the left side.

When those problems are solved you can just click on resolved to mark it done.

Yep, it’s that easy…!!!

How to get

You can download the Chrome Extension for your browser directly from Google Extensions.

Or you can,

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