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So you’re a fashion influencer and wanna earn money. You may have heard about Influencer or Brand Ambassador programs nowadays it’s very popular among fashion websites. Almost every small established brand is trying this marketing technique. Well, if you’re an influencer and wanna earn money you can try it too.

Art N Luv is a woman fashion shopping website with hundreds of products. Let’s go through the website.

Art N Luv has 6 clothing categories of clothing, which includes Tops, Dresses, Sets and Rompers, Sweaters and Cardigans, Skirts and Shorts, Pants. Also Bags and Accessories category.

There are 131 Tops in total, 146 different Dresses, 29 Sets and Rompers, 75 Sweaters and Cardigans, 36 Shorts and Skirts, 19 Pants, 42 Bags, 9 Accessories.

Brand Ambassador Program

Art N Luv’s Ambassador Program gives you up to 10% of the cost of the product.

You can register Brand Ambassador Program without any criteria restrictions. The steps are very easy just go to the end of the page you’ll see an option ” Become an Ambassador ” like this.

Become an Ambassador

Then after that register and verify the link you’ll receive in an email. After that log in again and you’ll see an affiliate dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard

You can choose any product from the website and copy the link to that product and then go to ” Dashboard > Get referral link for specific product > paste the link in Product Link > click Generate > then Copy and Save”. Share that link through your social media when someone clicks that link and buy that product you’ll receive 10% of the cost of that product.

Get referral link for specific product
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