Invention Diaries is a result of my endless browsing and curiosity of exploring new topics and visiting new websites, apps and everything I can see on the internet. Mostly the things I find interesting. And are worth sharing with you all.

I started the invention Diaries in 2021 Pandemic because I had nothing to do so I wanted to do something then realized that there are thousands of interesting things and they are not ending. So I thought I’ll share some of those on my blog mostly which seems interesting to me. 

I search gadgets through well-known sites like Gadgetflow, Mashable, Thisiswhyimbroke, Wirecutter and many more. 

The posts mainly contain interesting Gadgets, Websites, Apps, Future Technology, Investing Sites, Travel accessories, Home and Garden accessories, Gifts, Adult stuff and maybe some interesting people.

There is information about the Influencer Programs and Affiliate Programs, and also I list every Job offer which I randomly get stumbled upon when I visit the sites. Because these small sites also have jobs and maybe one of my subscribers is looking for this kind of opportunity.

But don’t worry I don’t post anything without researching it first. I try to find every information about that thing, gadget or website so you won’t have any problem using it. But make sure you read what I write. 

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